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Educational System
GNS International VET Centre

  • Completion of international workforce supply system through connecting with a VET program of GNS Package Program TAFE
  • Completion of skills education and training system to realize GNS Package Program
  • Provide GNS Package Program and the know-how of running it to each country of South East Asia
  • Provide the VET program of TAFE to professional skills training institutions of each country, to manage and run the program
  • Establish IELTS language institutions targeting overseas employment seekers (Standard course, short-term intensive course, and incentive course)
  • Operate a character & aptitude test program for highly skilled workers seeking overseas employment
  • Acquisition and assessment of the qualifications of AQF Certificate (Training Package & Tool KIT)
  • Run a RPL & RCC program for the employment of skilled career tradespersons according to their occupations
  • Skills assessment from TRA or VETASSESS (For Australian employment & Skilled immigration)
  • Acquisition and assessment (RTO) of AQF Certificate Qualifications regarding core occupations (welding/electricity/IT/metals/machines)
  • TRA or VETASSESS skills assessment of core occupations (welding/electricity/IT/metals/machines)
  • Provide skills assessment service and education and training programs (AQF/RTO) for Australian employment
  • Provide skills assessment service and education and training programs (KQF/KRTO) for Korean employment
  • Strike an MOU with workers sending institutions of South East Asia (KRTO,E9/E9-2/E7 visa) by utilizing KQF
  • Make efforts to ensure AQF and KQF(Human Resources Development Service of Korea) and other qualifications of different countries be mutually recognized between each country