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Professional Company in Asian Manpower Supply

Global Network System(GNS) Group provides more than 10,000 high-quality tradespersons every year to large companies, their subcontractors as well as to recruiting companies in the fields of shipbuilding, power plants, steelworks, construction, heavy industry, and mining.

The location of these companies stretch from local regions (Korea, The Philippines and Malaysia) to Australia, Middle East, Africa, and South East Asian countries.

GNS Group supplies manpower, from tradespersons to supervisors, to the industrial sites around the world because its overseas local branches in Korea and provides HR services which running the catering services and provides workforce management services, The Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia share a human resources database of more than 150,000 tradespersons who are available for overseas employment.

Professional Company for Skills Education and Training

GNS Group is a professional skills, education and training company of his own that runs training centres in Korea, The Philippines and Malaysia, and turns the training curriculums of TAFE, TRA, AQF, KQF, Licences by Occupations, and IELTS into programs which are tailored to the demands of employers.

[Skills education and training + Australian Qualification / Australian trades Licence Solution + Training centres (Induction, MDG, Inspection, and IELTS Simulation) + Human Resources maintenance + Processing support of Australian Work Visas + Warranty & Guarantee]

Professional Consulting Company

GNS Group is a professional consulting company that consults Korean conglomerates to go into large-scale Australian projects. To help Korean enterprises want to enter large-scale Australian projects, GNS provides a complete set of services including getting projects and government approval and permits, labour union issue, work visa issue, financing, recruiting, and so forth.

To achieve this goal, GNS has collaborated with high-profile Australian companies in the areas of marketing, legal affairs, and accounting. It also provides business and investment consulting services for Korean huge enterprises to participate in the areas of energy, communications, mining, environment, construction, heavy industries, international bidding, trading of equipments etc.