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Education Course
Running Training Centres for Skills Education

The Group is running training centres that are designed to solidify the skills abilities of tradespersons who will go to Australia and that provide advance education for them to perform their duties well in Australian workplaces. Training centres for skills education in Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia are equipped with professional tools and materials for better quality of skills education. In addition, the education in the training centres covers areas from character education to safety and skills education which will meet the requirements of employers.


Education curriculum that focuses on practical, hands-on education and the acquisition of qualifications and diplomas ranging from Certificate I to diploma of Australian TAFE (Technical and Further Education) by providing a variety of educational curricula of 3 months minimum to 3 years maximum.

TRA Skills Assessment & Licence

Education curriculum for Australian job seeking tradespersons with regard to TRA skills assessments of their specific occupations and the acquisition of Australian skills qualification licences.

AQF Course

Education curriculum designed for the achievement of high-level performance of duties and the acquisition of formal certificates of completion according to Australian qualification systems through the course of AQF Certificate III and IV.


IELTS simulation course for all skills education courses to strengthen the English competency of Australian employment-seeking tradespersons.