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Consulting Company 'Quoss' for Korean and Australian Companies

QUOSS-GNS, a holding company of GNS GROUP, has marketing experience in achieving 2nd place in the sales of copper pipes in Australia by importing them from Korean companies about 10 years ago. The company continues to performs superbly in the business consulting area through work cooperation with Australian government and big businesses.

Recognition of Construction Performance of Korean Companies

Korean companies have secured competitiveness of international standard because of their outstanding construction performance in the Middle East, Africa and others. And since they have established infrastructures in Australia that enable them to efficiently perform the large-scale construction projects in Australia, they can successfully carry out a variety of projects in conjunction with the consulting abilities of Quoss-GNS.

Consulting Company in Korea for Korean and Australian Companies

  • Connecting Korean big businesses to Australian large-scale projects and supplying necessary workforce
  • Advancing to the LNG liquefaction projects (importing and participating in shares in ownership), taking part in shares in ownership of mining businesses, and importing highly productive bio-diesel plants
  • Doing business that contributes to the development of Korean economy and national policies of Korea