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Consulting Area
One Stop System Consulting Company Specializing in Australia

  • Securing orders for large Australian projects for Korean companies ¢¡ Preparing contracts ¢¡ analyzing the specific issues which can arise when carrying out the projects (government regulations, labour union, financing, recruiting, and visa) and coming up with solutions for them.
  • Social infrastructure development projects such as mining development project, harbour project, railway project, and road project
  • Projects such as those associated with wind power plant, electric grids, and eco-friendly city development

Project of Developing Mining Business

  • Project that invest seed money to new mining businesses or those which have high prospects of making big profits World top-level fund managers and private equity fund managing companies which take part in the project
  • Being in the process of consultation with high-profile Korean enterprises

Project of BDA bio-diesel development

  • With the high price of oil in full swing, the increase of productivity of bio-diesel emerges as Australia¡¯s national strategic business agenda
  • Investment & development project that has a guaranteed business feasibility in which, together with the Western Australian government, the plants named Moringa whose productivity is well proven, are seeded, cultivated, grown and produced, and the government buys all the produced plants

Project of building Sydney electronics mall

  • As a project of GNS GROUP, the project aims to build a mall in Sydney whose size will amount to that of Yongsan Electronic Mall. The land for building the mall has already been bought.

LNG Liquefaction Project

  • Advancing to 12 Australian LNG developing projects, taking part in joint development of LNG and making investments in their shares,and securing LNG resources (project expected to begin)