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Business Prospect
Korean companies are due to obtain the orders of optic LAN, Power line, Smart grid, Wind power, mining, Power plant, and Photovoltaic projects of Australia
=> More than 20,000 workers

Korean companies due to get the orders of large-scale Australian construction
=> More than 20,000 workers

The number of Korean large companies that want to advance to Australian projects
=> More than 200 number of businesses composed of large companies and their subcontractors, and equipment companies

Projected number of workforce necessary for large-scale Australian projects for the next 5 years
=> More than 40,000 workers

Korean tradespersons who are available for immediate employment, and workers who want to work in Australia
=> More than 100,000 workers

Projected number of overseas workforce available to be introduced to Korea (E9)
=> More than 20,000 workers from 17 countries

Available overseas workforce of third countries per year (The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and China) Projected number of workforce to be employed in Australian project.
=> More than 40,000 workers from 5 countries

Projected number of workers taking the training and education courses of TAFE, TRA , AQF , KQF, and Training Center
=> More than 40,000 workers